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Welcome to arada

At arada, we provide a variety of services in the fields of engineering, civil engineering, urban planning and construction, the drafting and supervision of projects, assisting the work management team and our clients in technical and legal matters; in short, providing an integral solution to our clients’ needs.

arada was founded with the initial purpose of satisfying the growing need for service and administration consultancy in industrial, construction and agricultural sectors within the Region of Murcia. Since then the business has expanded throughout Spain and, more recently, we have embarked upon international projects.

The founding ethos of the company was to pursue ambitious business objectives and the resulting evolutionary journey continues to motivate and drive us to achieve our goals within the framework that is both environmentally and socially sustainable.

Construction works of the Lorca ring road

Project details

Territorial restitution project associated with the construction of the new desalination plant Águilas/Guadalentín. PRT1. Pedestrian walkway in Rambla del Cañarete

Project details

Certification and Accreditation