Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. A. Einstein

The agronomy area at arada is the basis used to diversify towards other related areas, having carried out many projects in this sector. Currently, the multi-disciplinary nature of arada has reinforced the range of services that were initially offered to our Customers of the agricultural and industrial fields.

In this sector we offer:

Modernisation and transformation of the distribution networks to improve the efficiency of irrigation and optimise their management.
Reservoirs and tanks for storage and regulation.
Reservoirs for the regulation and storage of irrigation water in irrigation transformations or modernisations.
Irrigation equipment for farms. Design and installation of irrigation systems on site using the latest technology of drip, sprinkler and exudation irrigation.
Hydraulic engineering for pumping stations and distribution networks.
Automation of irrigation networks. Collection of data in real time on site with control networks designed to suit the needs of the users and management communities.

Agricultural and Industrial Installations
Agri-food industry. We plan and design buildings and installations for fodder factories, mills and canneries.
Rural building. We plan, design and start up buildings, infrastructures and equipment for alls sorts of public use related with the rural and forestry environment.
Agricultural farms. We design and start up all sorts of buildings and agricultural and livestock installations. Silos and grain warehouses, agricultural premises and warehouses and greenhouses.
Livestock housing, laboratories and zoological centres. Elaboration of projects for the construction of new housings or the restructuring and adaptation of old facilities, calculation and study of housings and equipment for the different animal species, as well any other additional installations.
Horticultural centres, agricultural and livestock markets and supply markets, cold stores and slaughterhouses. We advise and design warehouses and markets, for the fulfilment of the applicable laws in force.

Rural infrastructures
Technical assistance and consultancy for expropriations. Technical and administrative tasks for the expropriation of different properties and rights, which include the inventory of the owners affected, the assessment of the properties an rights, and the study of allegations.
Design and construction of road and civil work infrastructures. Design and construction of road networks: roads, trails, forest tracks, rail trails, adaptation of pedestrian paths and additional civil works.
Electricity installations and urban development. We plan and design high and medium voltage electricity infrastructures and make the most of renewable energies as energy supply sources that respect the environment.
Agricultural earth moving, land improvements, levelling and ploughing. Terracing, clearing, improvements and amendments to the land.
Territory organisation and plot concentration. Reorganisation of property and structure of the territory, including the study of the new road and drainage network, and the elaboration of new property title deeds.

Reports and Certificates
Assessment of rural properties. Assessment of agricultural and industrial constructions and installations. Appraisal.